Today, employee resource groups (ERGs) can be found in many FP500 and F500 companies and are important engines of employee engagement and business results. In fact, over 80% of Catalyst member organizations surveyed had at least one employee resource group. ERGs can have considerable impact on an organization’s ability to develop future leaders, increase employee engagement, and expand marketplace reach.

ERGs also represent an opportunity to build cultural competence around inclusive leadership, which in turn allows companies to learn from and include diverse groups at work. Join this webinar to learn how Catalyst’s new Employee Resource Leadership Initiative (ERLI) will help engage and connect ERG leaders across companies—and train these emerging leaders to drive inclusion more effectively in their everyday roles. Sign up to learn more at

All webinars are complimentary for Catalyst member organizations; there is a $150 USD fee for non-members. Please register with your corporate email address to ensure approval.

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