Corporate Governance

Leadership at the top of corporations shapes companies, communities, and societies. A gender-diverse board of directors and senior leadership team (C-suite) will help corporations lead and manage sustainable, effective business strategies, role model employee opportunities, and enhance their reputation.

  • Women on Corporate Boards: Ladies Last

    Catalyst's Increasing Gender Diversity on Boards: Current Index of Formal Approaches is cited in this piece about the frustrating lack of progress in the number women on corporate boards.

    CKGSB, by Bennett Voyles

  • Why every woman's first job should be her hardest

    This article answering how women can rise to the C-suite cites 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500.

    Fortune, by Sally Blount

  • Women on boards: Are quotas really the answer?

    Brande Stellings, JD, Vice President, Corporate Board Services, is quoted mentioning 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors in this piece questioning whether legal quotas set by governments are effective solutions for diverse corporate boards.

    Fortune, by Kimberly Weisul

  • 30% Club prepares to launch in Canada

    This article about the Canadian launch of the 30% Club, a global group advocating for more women in senior business roles, mentions working in conjuction with Catalyst and the Catalyst Accord.

    Globe Advisor, by Janet McFarland

  • Increasing Gender Diversity in Corporate Leadership

    This piece about Ontario's action to increase the number of women in high-ranking positions in the workforce by approving securities law rule amendments cites 2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors and quotes Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada.

    Peterborough Chamber of Commerce

  • The 30% Club, championing female business leaders, to launch in Canada

    Catalyst and the Catalyst Accord is mentioned in this piece about the Canadian launch of the 30% Club, a global group advocating for more women in senior business roles.

    The Globe and Mail, by Janet McFarland

  • Ontario approves measures to promote corporate gender diversity

    Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada, is quoted in this piece about the Ontario government's announcement about the new approved rule for public ompanies designed to encourage greater representation of women on corporate boards and among senior management.

    Investment Executive, by James Langton

  • Exclusive: Catalyst Canada Research Reveals Disturbing Trends in Women's Advancement and Calls for Inclusive Leadership

    This piece written by Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada, highlights findings from Catalyst's High-Potential Employees in the Pipeline: Maximizing the Talent Pool in Canadian Organization.

    Women of Influence, by Alex Johnston

  • Crowdfunding To Narrow The Gender Gap in Venture Capital

    This article about how crowdfunding will narrow gender gap in venture capital cites Catalyst's The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards.

    Forbes, by Chance Barnett

  • Advocacy group unveils ‘Every Other One’ initiative to get 30% women on US boards by 2018

    This piece about the launch of  ‘Every Other One: More Women on Corporate Boards’, an initiative to encourage boards to replace every second retiring director with a woman, cites 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors, and quotes Allyson Zimmermann, Senior Director,..., by Pilar Gumucio