Corporate Governance

Leadership at the top of corporations shapes companies, communities, and societies. A gender-diverse board of directors and senior leadership team (C-suite) will help corporations lead and manage sustainable, effective business strategies, role model employee opportunities, and enhance their reputation.

  • Report
    Women Leading Business: The 2013 Israeli Census Report on Women's Representation in Tel Aviv 100 Index Companies

    Find out how many women hold TA-100 executive positions, board seats, and CEO positions.

    Date: March 8, 2014
  • Québec détient la plus haute proportion de femmes membres de CA

    Story looks at FP Census in Quebec with quotes from Alex Johnston, executive director of Catalyst Canada and discusses Catalyst intiations, the accord and women on boards.

    les affairs, by Deborah Cherenfant

  • Don Cayo: Women still marginalized in Canadian boardrooms

    Financial Post 500 Census cited to show that women still marginalized in Canadian boardrooms.

    The Vancouver Sun, by Don Cayo

  • Conseils d'administration: les femmes avancent péniblement

    Financial Post 500 Census cited and Alex Johnston quoted.

    Les Affaires, by Les Affaires

  • Gender gap in boardroom

    A video that features stats from the Financial Post 500 Census to illustrate the representation of women on boards.

    Business in Vancouver, by Business in Vancouver

  • Women on corporate boards on the rise

    Financial Post 500 Census cited and Alex Johnston quoted on what it will take to reach gender parity on corporate boards.

    CBC News, by CBC News

  • More Canadian women on corporate boards despite poor overall numbers: survey

    Financial Post 500 Census cited to show that although overall there has been little progression in getting women on boards, there are more women in Canada garnering board seats.

    Yahoo Canada, by Darah Hansen

  • Voluntary Action Is Not Working!

    Financial Post 500 Census cited in an article that explores why voluntary action to increase women on boards is not working.

    Huffington Post, by Keven Bellows