Gender equality is not just a women’s issue—men also lose out when workplaces are gender-biased. Catalyst’s ground-breaking research on men offers unique insights about men’s career experiences, how to engage them as full partners in creating gender-inclusive workplaces, and solutions rooted in a holistic understanding of how gender affects men’s and women’s behaviors and outcomes in the workplace.

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  • How Many Indian Men Does It Take to Change a Workplace?

    Aarti Shyamsunder, PhD, Director, Research, reflects on a man's role in fostering gender equality around the world, particularly in India, and mentions Catalyst's Pipeline's Broken Promise and Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives, as well as MARC (Men Advocating Real Change).

    The Huffington Post India, by Aarti Shyamsunder

  • Women at Work: A Guide for Men

    Catalyst's The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards is cited in this piece about the need to educate and guide men about working with women.

    The Wall Street Journal, by Joanne Lipman

  • Giving men space to safely engage in order to tackle the issue of gender gaps in the workplace

    Jeff Barth, Program Director, MARC (Men Advocating Real Change), writes about MARC and why men should care about the issue of gender gap.

    Womanthology, by Jeff Barth

  • Aufstieg: Männer stehen den Frauen im Weg

    This piece quotes Sandra Ondraschek-Norris, Director, Catalyst Europe AG, and mentions MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) and Catalyst's High Potentials in Tech- Intensive Industries: The Gender Divide in Business Roles


  • Want more men to talk gender diversity? Bring in the bottom line

    This article about engaging men in the STEM sector references MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) and Catalyst's High Potentials in Tech- Intensive Industries: The Gender Divide in Business Roles. Anna Beninger, Director, Research, is quoted as well.

    Fortune, by Caroline Fairchild

  • The meteoric rise of women in the workplace

    This piece about the rise of women in the tech industry mentions MARC (Men Advocating Real Change), to talk about the need for a shift in attitudes from men in order for a real change to take place.

    Yahoo! Business & Finance, by Stacey Hunt

  • The Role of Men in Fostering Female Talent

    Michael J. Chamberlain, Vice President, Marketing, was featured as a guest blogger for Women Unlimited.

    Women Unlimited, by Michael J. Chamberlain

  • 5 ways women can advance their careers by borrowing from men’s playbook

    This piece, which provides advice on how women can advance in their careers, features Catalyst’s How to Prepare Yourself for Corporate Board Service infographic.

    Columbus Business First, by Carrie Ghose

  • India’s health minister has some medieval ideas about women’s bodies

    Catalyst’s High Potentials Under High Pressure report is cited in this piece about India’s health minister.

    Quartz, by Diksha Madhok