Women in Leadership

High-potential women advance more slowly than their male peers, in terms of both career progression and pay, even though they employ career management strategies similar to men’s. Organizations that neglect this critical talent-management issue risk lagging their competitors in attracting, developing, and retaining the best candidates to serve as the next generation of leaders.

  • Only 4 Percent Women Directors In Top Indian Firms: Report

    India is the only developing country to impose a mandatory law on companies to have quotas for women directors. Ilene H. Lang, Senior Advisor, Former President & CEO, is quoted in this piece.

    Silicon India, by Silicon India

  • 6 Steps Corporate America Must Take To Achieve Gender Parity

    This article poses 6 steps to take towards achieving gender parity in the workplace. Catalyst’s The Bottom Line research is cited.

    Forbes, by Kathy Caprino

  • Tool
    Increasing Gender Diversity on Boards: Current Index of Formal Approaches

    Find out which countries have legislation, regulation, and voluntary efforts in place to increase gender diversity on corporate boards.

    Date: August 8, 2014
    Region: Global
  • Perceptions about women bosses improve, but gap remains

    According to new research, women have made progress in the workplace and in perceptions of leadership, but the gap remains. This piece cites Catalyst's F500 Census, Women CEOs of the F1000 list, and F500 CEO Positions Held by Women chart.

    Pew Research Center, by Anna Brown

  • Men Had Their Chance; New Funds Bet on Women

    This piece examines how investing in companies with female leadership is profitable. Catalyst’s Bottom Line research is cited.

    The Wall Street Journal, by Daisy Maxey

  • Hedge Funds Run by Women Outperform Those Run by Men

    This article explores how hedge funds run by women outperform those run by men. Catalyst’s Bottom Line Series is cited.

    The Atlantic, by Joe Pinsker

  • Men Had Their Chance; New Funds Bet on Women

    This piece about Barclays Women in Leadership Total Return Index and other investment funds that are betting on women in charge cites data from Catalyst’s Bottom Line Research Series.

    The Wall Street Journal, by Daisy Maxey

  • Two-thirds of U.S. newspapers employ women in top editing jobs

    Catalyst Census data cited in this piece about the results for women in top editorial positions at newspapers from the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) annual census, published by Pew Research Center.

    The Financial, by The Financial