Catalyst In the News

  • Seven Myths about Men and Work

    Catalyst Myth of the Ideal Worker report data mentioned in article that busts myths about men and women at work.

    Women's Agenda, by Catherine Fox

  • “Companies See Diversity Pay Off”

    This essay celebrates Dentons Canada LLP Calgary office for its improvement on diversity and inclusion. Alex Johnston, Executive Director of Catalyst Canada, is quoted and the Catalyst Accord is referenced. 

    The Vancouver Sun, by Derek Sankey

  • It's Good For Companies To Have Women In Positions Of Leadership But How They Get There Matters

    2011 F500 Catalyst Census mentioned in Peggy Drexler piece discussing the “trouble” with using gender quotas to get more women in corporate leadership. She calls Catalyst a “market research firm.”

    Forbes, by Peggy Drexler

  • Deep-Seated Bias, Not Lack of Confidence, Knocks Women off the Path to Success

    New research reveals that professors ignore emails from or deny meetings with fictional potential PhD candidates with female- or minority-sounding names. This blog post discusses the underrepresentation of women at the top and links to the 2013 F500 Catalyst Census and the WSJ, which used our...

    The Washington Post, by Joann Weiner

  • Suite Dreams: Growing Number of Aspiring Female General Counsels Find a Happy Ending

    Suite dreams: Growing number of aspiring female general counsels find a happy ending

    Crain's Detroit Business, by Gary Anglebrandt

  • Bounce Back After Career Break

    Shachi Irde, Executive Director of Catalyst India, is quoted in this article for her participation at the P. Inc panel discussion.

    Times of India

  • Report: Gender Balance Still a Token Issue for Many Companies

    Catalyst Fortune 500 Census data is cited in this piece on how gender balance is a token issue for many companies.

    The Washington Post, by Jena McGregor

  • Is a Lack of Confidence Killing Women’s Careers?

    This article about the gender confidence gap cites Catalyst Census data.

    Nerd Wallet Finance, by Kevin Voigt

  • Who Says that Entrepreneurs Can't Be 'Sexy'?

    This article about gender stereotypes and entrepreneurship in Malaysia includes Catalyst’s Fortune 500 data.

    Astro AWANI, by Cherish Leow

  • Women in Leadership Roles Still Scarce; Collaboration, Mentoring and Confidence Are Key

    Catalyst US Census data featured in this article about the lack of women in leadership roles.

    Pacific Business News, by Jenna Blakely