Catalyst In the News

  • Mothers-to-Be Step Out

    In this interview, Deborah Gillis discusses how India is losing out on an immense talent pool of mothers-to-be.

    It', by Viren Naidu

  • Breaking into the Investment-Banking Boys' Club

    Alex Johnston quoted in this piece about the lack of women in investment banking.

    The Globe Advisor, by BOYD ERMAN

  • "Kimberly-Clark ganó el premio Catalyst 2014"

    Globedia announces that Kimberly-Clark's will be awarded with the 2014 Catalyst Award.

    Globedia, by Tecnomoda

  • Percentage Women Directors in Canadian Tech Companies Not Exceptional

    This essay underscores the low representation of women directors in Canada and references the 2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors. The Catalyst Accord is also mentioned.

    Susan Elliott Sim

  • Women in the Boardroom – Time for Change

    Its time to raise the number of women in boardrooms. Story cites Catalyst Bottom Line.

    The Jamaica Gleaner, by Michael Abrahams

  • The Business Case for a Gender-Smart Workplace

    Catalyst Bottom Line cited in this piece making the case for women in business.

    Myanmar Times, by Karin Finkelston

  • 3 Signs Your Company's Diversity Goals are just Window Dressing

    The key to diversity is giving diverse employees a real voice at the table. fortune 500 cited and great quotes from Barande Stellings.

    CNNmoney, by Katherine Reynolds Lewis

  • Equality Doesn't Compute Women still Lagging in Rromotions, Earnings

    Catalyst FP Census quoted in this piece about women's equality on International Women's Day.

    Winnipeg Free Press, by Barbara Bowes

  • Less Talk and More Action: Expand Women’s Corporate Leadership

    Actions speak louder than words. Catalyst Fortune Census cited, in this call to action to expand women's leadership.

    TIME, by James Stavridis, Marcia Greenberg

  • Meet the Women CEOs of the Fortune 500

    Women break barriers, yet men still hold top positions. Fortune 500 is cited and Brande Stellings a Catalyst Vice President is quoted.  

    Wall Street Journal, by Rani Molla