Catalyst In the News

  • “Number Of Women On Corporate boards On The Rise Among Publicly Traded Companies”

    This article cites Catalyst’s 2013 Catalyst Census Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors report. Alex Johnston, Executive Director of Catalyst Canada, is quoted.

    Financial Post, by Dan Ovsey

  • Gender Inequality Holds Back Economic Growth

    This article discusses how the recession has affected women in the workplace. Catalyst’s Women in the World report is cited.

    Economia, by Helen Roxburgh

  • Companies Show Progress in Adding Female Directors

    Financial Post 500 Census cited and Alex Johnston quoted in an article about growing public pressure in Canada to add more women to boards.

    The Globe and Mail, by Janet McFarland

  • Women Make — Small — Stride in Board Representation

    FP Census cited on this story about the comparative progress of the number of women holding possitions on company boards in Canadian provinces. Quotes from Alex Johnston say those with women do better.

    The Gazette, by François Shalom

  • Number of women on corporate boards on the rise among publicly traded companies

    Financial Post 500 Census cited and Alex Johnston quoted in an article describing the trend of increasing numbers of women on boards in publicly traded companises in Canada. 

    Financial Post, by Dan Ovsey

  • How Demographics Will Help Women Shatter Glass Ceiling

    Catalyst Ripple Effect Infographic cited and Debarah Gilles, President and CEO of Catalyst and Susan Stautberb, CEO of Women Corberate Directos are quoted in this story about the changing work place and womens' advance in buisness. 

    BBC, by Chelsea Emery

  • Women Make Up Just 12.5 Per Cent of Alberta Firms' Boardrooms

    Financial Post 500 Census cited and Alex Johnston quoted on how women's representation on boards is increasing in Alberta, yet remains one of the lowest in Canada.

    Calgary Herald, by Mario Toneguzzi

  • If Women’s Level Of Employment Looked Like Men’s, The Economy Would Be 5 Percent Bigger

    Story references Catalyst's Women in th World Report and discusses how what's good for women's empoyment is also good for the U.S. GDP.

    Think Progress, by Bryce Covert

  • Women On Corporate Boards On The Rise

    This piece shares figures from Catalyst’s 2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors.

    CBC news

  • Plus de femmes au C.A., oui madame!

    Financial Post 500 Census cited to illustrate that Quebec is making progress with the representation of women on boards. Coleen MacKinnon-Charette is quoted saying, we are on the right track but there is more todo.

    La Presse, by Stéphanie Grammond