Catalyst In the News

  • The Business Matrix

    This article mentions Catalyst’s High-Potential Women in Europe infographic to show Women executives in Europe earn up to €36,000 less than their male colleagues.

    The Independent

  • Women In Europe: Mind The Pay Gap, Where Is The Corporate Leadership?

    This article references Catalyst’s High-Potential Women in Europe infographic.

    Forbes, by Dina Medland

  • Been There, Done That ...But Not Equal

    Highlighting the large gender pay gap at the top for women in India, this piece quotes Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC, and mentions the High Potentials Under High Pressure in India’s Technology Sector report.

    Bangalore Mirror, by Anjana Vaswani

  • Growing Support for Boardroom Diversity Signals Changing Landscape of Business Leadership in Canada

    More press on the Catalyst Accord, the FP census, and quotes from Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada.

    Diversity in the Workplace

  • Channeling Your Inner Olivia Pope (part 3): Women Leaders and the Double Bind

    This piece mentions Catalyst’s Barriers to Women’s Advancement series while arguing that women leaders face stereotypes in the workplace and the double bind is even more complicated for women leaders of color.

    Inside Counsel, by Cari K. Dawson

  • An Elusive Jackpot

    Heather Foust-Cummings, Vice President & Center Leader, Catalyst Research Center for Equity in Business Leadership, is quoted and the 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors as well as Women CEOs of the Fortune 1000 is cited in this piece about how women CEOs are well paid, but...

    The New York Times, by Claire Cain Miller

  • Calgary-Based Companies Sign Accord for More Women in Boardrooms

    Two Calgary-based companies sign the Catalyst Accord, pledging to increase women-held FP500 board seats to 25% by 2017 in this article which quotes Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada.

    Calgary Herald, by Mario Toneguzzi

  • 26 Leading Corporations Sign Catalyst Accord, Supporting 25% Women on FP500 Boards by 2017

    This story highlights the Catalyst Accord.

    Wall Street Journal, by Editors Note

  • How Much Less Does a Female Grad Earn? A Look at Harvard's Class of 2014

    Citing and linking High-Potential Employees in the Pipeline: Maximizing the Talent Pool in Canadian Organizations, this article discusses how women graduating from Harvard have a higher-than-average earning potential, until you compare it with their male peers.

    The Globe and Mail, by Erin Anderssen

  • 3 Ways To Close The Self Confidence Gap

    This blog post provides tips for overcoming the so-called confidence gap by citing the 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors.

    Forbes, by Geri Stengel