Catalyst In the News

  • Are elite business schools set up to favor men? This discussion blog embeds Catalyst’s US Women in Business Pyramid while describing the complex factors that lead to women’s lower representation in business schools and in companies’ top ranks.

    Dallas News, by Michael Lindenberger

  • Authored by Sibylle Rupprecht, Executive Director of Catalyst Europe, this piece explores how to promote inclusion in the workplace and references Catalyst’s Feeling Different: Being the “Other” in U.S. Workplaces.

    The Guardian, by Sibylle Rupprecht

  • Citing Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries, this article demonstrates how an inclusive work culture leads to improved productivity. Allyson Zimmerman, Senior Director of Catalyst Europe, is also quoted.

    Forbes, by Karen Higginbottom

  • Catalyst U.S. Pyramid data cited in piece on how the American workplace fails to support women.

    The Los Angeles News, by Rebecca Kimitch

  • Ross Stores, #278 on the Fortune 500 list, has named Barbara Rentler as its new CEO, effective June 1. Rentler’s promotion will bring the total number of women CEOs of the Fortune 500 to 25 or 5 % of Fortune 500 CEOs, assuming there are no other changes before June 1. This article cites Catalyst...

    Bloomberg Businessweek, by Lindsey Rupp

  • This blog post by Elizabeth Salib, Senior Associate, Research, summarizes Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership report.

    Entrepreneur, by Elizabeth Salib

  • Catalyst’s Asian Women in the United States Quick Take data is cited in this piece about Asian-American women and the “bamboo ceiling.”

    The Glass Hammer, by Kayla Turo

  • Catalyst is mentioned in connection with a census of women leaders in Israel in this piece on the possibility of Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner becoming the country’s next president.

    The Jerusalem Post, by JEFF BARAK

  • This blog post discusses Avivah Wittenberg-Cox’s research/scorecard on the representation of women in corporate leadership and mentions Catalyst as one of the organizations recognizing champions for women in the corporate world.

    Harvard Business Review, by Lauren Leader-Chivée

  • This article about women of color being undermined at work references Catalyst’s Women of Color Executive report.

    Profiles in Diversity Journal, by Catalyst