Catalyst In the News

  • Catalyst Fortune 500 Census data is cited in this story about a new Tampa Bay initiative to get more women on boards.

    Tampa Bay Business Journal, by Margie Manning

  • Catalyst’s Fortune 1000 Women CEO list linked to in this story about the lack of openly gay CEOs. A Deloitte report from last year found that 83% of LGBT people hide aspects of their identity at work, often because they believe their bosses expect them to.

    New York Times, by Claire Cain Miller

  • Catalyst Fortune 1000 Women CEO data as well as Pipeline’s Broken Promise data cited in this piece about what’s holding women back in their careers.

    News OK, by Bethan Owen

  • Morgan Stanley re-elected all 15 members of its board (including 2 women) without adding any more women. Highlighting Catalyst’s The Bottom Line report and Women in US Finance Pyramid, this article discusses the need for more women in the top ranks of the US finance and banking industry.

    Wall Street Journal, by Saabira Chaudhuri

  • Catalyst Women on Boards Quick Take data for Brazil cited in piece about women CEOs., by Camila Pati

  • Citing Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries, this article demonstrates how an inclusive work culture leads to improved productivity. Allyson Zimmerman, Senior Director of Catalyst Europe, is also quoted.

    Forbes, by Karen Higginbottom

  • Employees reporting to inclusive leaders are more likely to go beyond the call of duty and come up with better ideas. Cited and linked to Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership report.

    INC, by Will Yakowicz

  • Across different countries, employees who feel included at work create high-performing teams. This article discusses Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership report and quotes Allyson Zimmerman, Senior Director, Catalyst Europe AG, on the need for European businesses to create inclusive workplaces.

    Forbes, by Karen Higginbottom

  • This blog post by Sibylle Rupprecht, Executive Director, Catalyst Europe AG on creating inclusive workplaces by reducing feelings of being an “other” and engaging men links to Catalyst reports Feeling Different: Being the Other in US Workplaces and Anatomy of a Change: How Inclusive Cultures...

    The Guardian, by Sibylle Rupprecht

  • The financial and banking industry in Japan in one of its “most stubborn and conservative”—and one more woman just made it to its top levels of management, making 4 women executives in total since last June. This article cites Catalyst’s Women in US Finance Pyramid.

    Bloomberg Business Week, by Monami Yui and Takako Taniguchi