Catalyst In the News

  • This story profiles f Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell’s Soup and Catalyst board member.

    USA Today, by Laura Petrecca

  • Former President and CEO of Catalyst, Ilene Lang is quoted on how Catalyst board member, Denise Morrison CEO, Campbell’s Soup, gives back through working with our organization.

    PNJ, by Laura Petrecca

  • This story discusses how Sketcher’s promises to diversify their board have fallen short. The piece cites Catalyst 2013 Fortune Census findings.

    The New York Times, by Gretchen Morgenson

  • This article discusses the slow progress for women in business leadership. Catalyst is mentioned as one of the soldiers for change.

    Huff Post Business, by Caroline Turner

  • Deborah Gillis, President & Chief Executive Officer, shares her thoughts on what is needed to create a more inclusive workplace culture for women in India.

    The Times Group

  • Referencing Catalyst’s Flex Works tool, this story is about getting more women into the workforce in Africa.

    BizCommunity, by Joanne Bushell

  • This article about the best tweets in the #YesAllWomen Twitter storm, includes an @CatalystInc tweet.

    Yahoo Shine, by

  • Catalyst US Census data featured in this piece on how stockholders should be demanding more women on company boards.

    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, by Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire

  • ”Talented people with ‘different’ perspectives should be valued rather than marginalized for what they bring to the table” said by Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon, Director, Panel Manager, Research, about Catalyst’s findings from the Feeling Different: Being the ‘Other’ in US Workplaces study.

    Diversity Journal, by Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon

  • This story is about Catalyst Advisory Board member Irene Chang Britt’s appointment to Dunkin’ Brands’ Board of Directors.

    Reuters, by Press Release