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The Promise of Future Leadership: Highly Talented Employees in the Pipeline project surveys graduates of leading business schools in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, with the intent of assessing their career values, goals, and expectations, the developmental opportunities afforded them, and their strategies for managing work and family life. The reports highlight the differences in women's and men's career experiences and satisfaction; some feature perspectives from global leaders and other experts.

This tool is a resource for individuals seeking or providing mentorship and sponsorship, as well as diversity and inclusion professionals and human resource practitioners who oversee career development, mentoring, and sponsorship within organizations. It consists of two features:

  • In Their Own Words: Links to audio and video clips in which CEOs, senior leaders, and high-potential employees relate their experiences with the challenges and successes that characterize the mentoring and sponsorship relationship.

  • In Practice: Initiatives undertaken by Catalyst member organizations to sponsor women, as well as a discussion of the impact of these initiatives. These materials serve as models for other organizations initiating or refining sponsoring or mentoring efforts.

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