Corporate Governance

Leadership at the top of corporations shapes companies, communities, and societies. A gender-diverse board of directors and senior leadership team (C-suite) will help corporations lead and manage sustainable, effective business strategies, role model employee opportunities, and enhance their reputation.

  • Female board members increase at Florida companies

    Catalyst's The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards is cited in this article about the number of women on corporate boards increasing in both Florida and nationally.

    Sun Sentinel, by Marcia Heroux Pounds

  • The Cranfield report: what more needs to be done to improve gender diversity on boards?

    Allyson Zimmermann, Senior Director, Catalyst Europe AG, is quoted in this article about improving gender diversity on boards.

    Thomson Reuters Accelus, by Karen Higginbottom

  • Women Leaders Talk Personal: How to Be a True Philanthropist

    Catalyst's Women CEOs of the Fortune 1000 is cited in this post giving 5 practical tips for women to become a true philathropist.

    Huffington Post, by Cristina M. Regalado

  • Cameron Smith & Associates' Mission To Put More Women in Public Company Boardrooms

    This article about Cameron Smith & Associates' effort to put women on corporate boards cites 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors and quotes Kerry Goodenow, Senior Associate, Corporate Board Services.

    Arkansas Business, by Jan Cottingham

  • A call to action for companies with no female directors

    Catalyst's The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards is cited in this article about taking direct action to increase female representation on boards.

    Fortune, by Caroline Fairchild

  • Busting 3 Excuses For Predominantly Male Boards

    2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors is cited in this article that busts 3 excuses companies give for why there are so few women on their boards

    Fast Company, by Susan Adams

  • Women and Power: Seven Ways Successful Women Survive

    Catalyst's The Double-Bind Dilemma for Women in Leadership: Damned if You Do, Doomed if You Don’t is mentioned in this articles discussing seven ways successful women survive in the financial industry.

    American Banker, by Davia Temin

  • C-Suite Women Serve Up Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

    2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Executive Officers and Top Earners is cited in this piece about advice women in the C-suite would share with budding entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneur, by Jeffrey Hayzlett

  • Women in the Boardroom

    Catalyst's High Potentials in the Pipeline: On Their Way to the Boardroom is mentioned in this post about suggestions to board chairs to get more women on boards.

    Huffington Post, by Laura Liswood

  • On Board: Ilene Lang shares how she got her first board seat, and reveals one big boardroom secret

    Ilene H. Lang, Former President & CEO, Senior Advisor, and Honorary Director, is profiled in this feature piece that highlights women on corporate boards.

    Washington Business Journal, by Hilary Burns