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Putting Catalyst’s leading-edge research into practice, Catalyst Europe’s team of diversity and inclusion experts collaborates with member organisations to co-create effective, executable solutions and practices to deliver sustainable culture change in workplaces throughout Europe.

Some of the many topic areas in which member organisations can benefit from the Catalyst Europe team’s expertise include: 

  • Inclusive Leadership and Culture

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

  • Employee Resource Groups

  • Mentoring and Sponsorship

  • Engaging Men as Change Agents

How? Catalyst Europe’s experts are available to provide dynamic support and developmental opportunities through workshops, master classes, speaking and consulting engagements, insight sessions, and team/leadership meeting facilitation, among others, depending on your organisation’s needs and goals.

Upcoming Events

Roundtable Discussions

Sponsorship and Mentoring, Munich, May 20

Hosted by McDonalds Corporation. In-person, free for members. Facilitator: Dr. Isabelle Kürschner, Catalyst Europe Consultant, Germanic Region. More information here.

Unconscious Bias, Paris, May 21

Hosted by Pernod Ricard. In-person, free for members. Facilitator: Pascale Marcou, Catalyst Europe Consultant, Latin Region. More information here.

Engaging Men, Brussels, June 18

Hosted by Baker & McKenzie. In-person, free for members.  Facilitator: Caroline Pickard, Catalyst Europe Consultant, Nordic Region. Save the date; invitation coming soon.

Calling on Male Allies All Over Europe!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the pioneering MARC Leaders program for male leaders. The in-person kick-off event will be hosted by PAREXEL in Berlin on June 29-30. This initiative is designed to heighten awareness of privilege, unconscious bias, and inequalities in the workplace, culminating in a network of individuals skilled in inclusive leadership who are able to translate insights into action. The six-month program consists of a 1.5 day kick-off event, 4 coaching circles, 3 webinars, and contains a virtual library and online collaboration space for continued networking. At the conclusion of the program, Catalyst will share participant survey data, key program insights, and convene a strategy session with participants to consider how individuals can carry learnings forward to more broadly catalyze change in their respective organizations. Please contact us for more information.

Women Board Directors: A Ways to Go to Reach Parity

Intense public debate about board diversity has galvanized activity on gender diversity across Europe, and European journalists were quick to take notice of the 2014 Catalyst Census: Women Board Directors, which for the first time in its history includes global data on the status of women on boards. In interviews with publications across Europe, including the Financial Times, Volkskrant, Forbes and Womanthology, Catalyst Europe Executive Director Allyson Zimmermann and Catalyst Europe Director Sandra Ondraschek-Norris made the point that with women holding a low of 7.9% (Portugal) to a relative high of 35.5% (Norway) of board seats at European stock index companies, it’s clear that women in Europe have a ways to go before achieving parity with men in the top ranks of Europe’s leading organisations.  Companies are “now recognising the urgency of leveraging all talent from a business perspective,” Zimmermann said. “It’s not about ‘doing the right thing’ or showing equity. It’s a business imperative.”

About Catalyst Europe 

Catalyst Europe was founded in 2006 to provide Europe-specific, creative solutions promoting organizational inclusion and workplace innovation. From its thought-provoking events to discussions with individual members, Catalyst Europe brings fact-based, culturally relevant insight to every exchange.