Major Gift Campaign

The Changing Workplaces, Changing Lives Campaign

This is a transformational moment for Catalyst. Our Changing Workplaces, Changing Lives Campaign—the first major gift campaign in our history—offers corporations, foundations, and philanthropists the opportunity to invest in our mission to be the catalyst for workplace inclusion through providing knowledge and solutions that expand opportunities for women.

Together we can improve the lives of women and communities across the globe. The Changing Workplaces, Changing Lives Campaign aims to raise a minimum of $20 million over five years. The three-pronged campaign includes:

  • Longitudinal Research to sustain our rigorous data platform and broaden our work tracking global, long-term trends for women in the workplace.

  • An Inclusive Leadership Initiative to equip women and men to lead 21st-century organizations. We will incorporate our knowledge and experience into leadership development curricula to support corporations and policy makers as they train, support, and garner the expertise of the talented women in the markets where they operate.

  • Global outreach to support gender parity in new markets. We will target regions that are ripe for change, adapting our knowledge and tools to suit local conditions.

For 50 years, Catalyst has sought to expand opportunities for women in the business world and shatter the barriers holding them back. Our first 25 years were focused on “fixing the women”—addressing their needs for skills, experience, mentors, and networks. We supported one woman at a time as they tried to advance in corporate and professional worlds. In the mid-1980s, we recognized that the problem wasn’t the women, it was woman-unfriendly workplaces. So we shifted our focus from “fixing the women” to “fixing the workplace.”

Over the past ten years, as globalization has transformed markets and workforces, Catalyst has established offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto, Zurich, and Mumbai. We have forged close relationships with sister organizations in Japan, Australia, South Africa, and Israel. And corporations and organizations in countries including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and China have approached us for our expertise. People in these countries are hungry for our input on best practices within the framework of their local norms and cultures. They want to find better ways to identify and promote emerging talent in their regions.

Together, we can reach a third stage of Catalyst’s institutional life: from “fixing the women,” to “fixing the workplace,” to “fixing the world of business.”

We invite your support, participation, and leadership. To learn more, please contact Svetlana Mostovsky, Vice President, Corporate Development.