Founded in 2011, Catalyst’s office in India is a community composed of leading corporations and professional firms committed to accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion in corporate India. With insights from its highly regarded research, solution-based tools, convening events, global staff and Supporters, and the India Advisory Board, we work to build a robust pipeline of current and future leaders in India Inc.

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Webinar: Inclusive Conversations: Communicating Across Difference – India

Catalyst and Interweave invite you to join us for an informative webinar to learn inclusive communication skills that you can…

Culture Change

Inspiring CEO Speeches About Diversity at the 2019 Catalyst Awards Dinner

Change is possible and necessary—not only for women but for the companies that want to succeed in the [email protected] Read…

Webinar: How to Apply for the 2020 Catalyst Award – Asia-Pacific

Join us for a webinar where the Catalyst Award Committee will walk interested applicants through the nomination process for the…


The Day-To-Day Experience of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion—Mumbai

At this event, participants from global organizations in India discussed workplace inclusion.

Talent Management Practices

Webinar: 5 Actions Managers Can Take to Break the Gender Bias Cycle—Asia-Pacific

This webinar outlines the five actions managers can take to break the cycle of gender bias in development opportunities. Read…

Culture Change

Catalyst Announces 2019 Award Winners: Bank of America, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Eli Lilly and Company, and Schneider Electric Honored for Accelerating Progress for Women in the Workplace

Award-winning company leaders will receive their honors at the 2019 Catalyst Awards Dinner, chaired by Michael K. Wirth, Chairman & CEO,…

Top Resources

Quick Take: Women in the Workforce—Global

In many countries, women account for 40% or more of the total labor force.

Top Resources

Quick Take: Generations—Demographic Trends in Population and Workforce

This Quick Take has revealing information about different generations in the workforce worldwide.

Top Resources

Quick Take: Women in Management

What's the status of women in senior management and leadership positions around the world?

Top Resources

Quick Take: Women in the Workforce—India

An overview of working women in India, including stats on demographics, education, and diversity.

Sexual Harassment

Quick Take: Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Although prohibited in many countries, sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace still occur.


Pitney Bowes: Helping Women Push Boundaries, Achieve Dreams

Pitney Bowes is not the largest tech player in India, but they are playing in the big leagues—and winning—when it…


Genpact Career 2.0: Helping Talented Women Return To Work

Genpact President and CEO NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan firmly believes a couple of things when it comes to gender diversity in…

Top Resources

Quick Take: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Data and sources for women in STEM industries in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, and the United States.


Quick Take: Women in Academia

Find data and sources about women in academic careers in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, and the United States. Read…

Work-Life Effectiveness

Quick Take: Working Parents

How do family composition and paid leave for parents compare around the world?


Catalyst’s 2016 D&I Logues Conference to Focus on Generating Positive Organizational Change Through Inclusive Leadership

On September 29, Catalyst, the global expert on accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion, will host its second D&I…

Catalyst Statement on the Latest Amendments to India’s Maternity Benefits Act

Catalyst, the global expert on accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion, is deeply concerned that the percentage of women…

Culture Change

Catalyst World Watch India: Three Important Issues We’re Following In India This Month

It is clear that conversations in India are moving toward creating a more inclusive environment. India is seeing a number…

Sponsorship and Mentoring

#NationalMentoring Month: Key Elements to a Successful Mentor Relationship

In this installment of our National Mentoring Month series Manvi Pant, a CRM professional at A.T. Kearney in India, shares…