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Unconscious Bias

Artificial Intelligence: The New Frontier for Confronting Gender Bias

These tech startups are using AI to try to make gender bias in the workplace a thing of the past.

Unconscious Bias

IWD 2019: What “Balance for Better” Means to Me

Catalyst CEO Lorraine Hariton reflects on the power of words to change the balance.

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Silence Breaker: My Path to Speaking Out as a Woman of Colour

Concluding Black History Month, Catalyst's Alicia Sullivan on how she went from studying by oil lamp to lecturing the C-suite.

Board Diversity

Why Some Board Gender Quotas Don’t Work

Here's a close look at the results of Spain's 2007 law.


Accelerating Inclusion in Western Canada Every Day

Learn what Catalyst is doing to help organizations accelerate inclusion in Western Canada.

Future of Work

The Future Is Here. Is Your Workplace Ready?

Policies and promises aren’t enough; there needs to be bold, meaningful action.


Putting The “Work” Into Workshop

Here's a snapshot of Catalyst's Europe's programmes and priorities for the Netherlands.

2018’s Top Gender Equity Resources for Men

The Year's Topics, Trends, and Tips

Unconscious Bias

Sharing Failures Leads To Learning Opportunities For All

In the spirit of a new year and a fresh start, some Catalyst thought leaders share stories of failure and the lessons they learned.

Ten Things This Father of 3 Is Never Taking for Granted Again

As 2018 comes to a close, so too does my primary caregiver leave, a newly-extended benefit at my company that has given me the chance to think about what I may have previously taken for granted.

Men (and Women) Are Biased Against Women

It’s Hard to Admit

Culture Change

Momentum For Change In 2019

Catalyst President and CEO Lorraine Hariton talks Gloria Steinem, the "frozen middle," and how we can all contribute to progress for women in 2019.


Four Podcasts Every D&I Practitioner Should Listen To

Catalyst's Kimberley Doyle shares her four favorite podcasts about diversity and inclusion.

Engaging Men

Women’s Conference? Bring A Buddy

Catalyst's Risa Pappas talks about the importance of inviting men to women's conferences.

Culture Change

A Win for Women in the US Midterm Elections Is a Win for Everybody

A record number of women ran for office in this year’s general midterm elections for the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and state governor positions, and a record number of them won. What do we do now?


Five Tech Tools To Encourage Inclusion In The Workplace

There are dozens of tools now available that make it easy to include everyone. Here are just five of them.


Insights From The 2018 Catalyst Canada Honours

Hear from Catalyst Canada's own Alicia Sullivan about the 2018 Catalyst Canada Honours.


Privilege Checklist for Men: #Metoo and Personal Safety

How many of these "personal safety" precautions do you take in your every day life? What about the women in your life?


Steph Curry, the Father-Of-Daughters Effect, and Me

This is how you dad.

Talent Management Practices

Five Things You Need To Know About Our New “Break The Cycle” Toolkit

Learn about Catalyst's newest toolkit, Break the Cycle—Eliminating Gender Bias in Talent Management Systems.