Since 2000, Catalyst has worked in Canada to address the unique concerns of Canadian women in business through research, education, and events. The Catalyst Canada Honours annually recognizes individual champions of women in business. The Catalyst Accord 2022 is a call to action for corporate Canada to increase the representation of women on their boards and in executive positions. The Canada Advisory Board is a group of executives who help lead our strategy. Contact us at [email protected].

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What’s Next for Employee Resource Groups

Bank of America's Wil Lewis shares his view of employee networks and ERGs in shaping Bank of America’s culture.   Read…

Business Case

Quick Take: Women in Financial Services

A look at the state of women working in specific occupations that fall within the field of financial services. Read…

Sexual Harassment

Infographique : Le harcèlement sexuel en milieu de travail — ce que les employés doivent savoir

Chaque employé a la responsabilité d’aider à créer un milieu de travail équitable, sécuritaire et respectueux.

Sexual Harassment

Infographique : Le harcèlement sexuel en milieu de travail — ce que les employeurs doivent savoir

Voici quelques astuces pour vous aider dans les étapes qui feront en sorte que votre milieu de travail devienne un…

Engaging Men

Le rôle des leaders masculins dans l’inclusion et la diversité

It is with great pleasure that the AFFQ in collaboration with Catalyst and Women in Capital Markets invites you to…

Business Case

Quick Take: Women in Accounting

Statistics on representation, the pay gap, and other issues facing women in accounting worldwide.


Build Teams on Cultural Contribution, Not Cultural Fit

Strategies for building awareness, participating effectively, and accelerating progress on gender balance.


MARC Leaders Workshop: Creating Partnership for Change – Calgary

This MARC Leaders 1.5-day workshop is a unique Catalyst program to raise awareness and generate interest in supporting and promoting…

Pay Equity

A Woman on the Partner Track: What I Learned About Bias, Gender, and the Need for Change

The roots of gender inequality in the workplace are deep, outdated, and often hidden or unconscious.  Let's challenge them. Read…

Pay Equity

Employers: Fix the Pay Gap, or You’ll Be Left Behind

There is broad consensus that women should be paid equally. Employers need to back that up to eradicate the gap.…

Business Case

Quick Take: Women in Energy—Gas, Mining, and Oil

A statistical overview of women working in the energy industry—including mining, gas, and oil—globally, in Canada, and in the United…

Board Diversity

Catalyst Receives $1 Million Grant From Altria Group to Expand Highly Successful Catalyst Women On Board Program

Catalyst also announced nine board-ready senior executive women have been selected to participate.


Supporter Roundtable: Creating Allies for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace – Mississauga

Join a discussion on practical things that organizations, leaders, and individuals can do to create a more inclusive workplace for…

Culture Change

Supporter Roundtable: Tackling Resistance to Diversity and Inclusion Efforts – Toronto

Learn some of the common pitfalls to avoid in the implementation of D&I efforts and discuss strategies for addressing resistance…

Future of Work

Supporter Roundtable: What’s Next? Upcoming Trends in Workplace Inclusion – Toronto

Join this supporter roundtable for a discussion on the effect of future workplace trends and what organizations can do prepare…

Work-Life Effectiveness

Le futur du travail: le travail flexible

L’enjeu de la flexibilité des horaires dans les milieux de travail n’a jamais été aussi important. Nos organisations évoluent dans…

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Silence Breaker: My Path to Speaking Out as a Woman of Colour

Concluding Black History Month, Catalyst's Alicia Sullivan on how she went from studying by oil lamp to lecturing the C-suite.…


ERLI 2019—[email protected]

Join us for the Employee Resource Leadership Initiative (ERLI) conference, ERLI 2019: [email protected] on June 12 and 13.

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Catalyst Supporter Roundtable: Communicating Across Difference – Toronto

Join this roundtable to learn inclusive communication skills that you can take back to your own workplace.


Catalyst Canada Roundtable: What Does Inclusion Mean?—Toronto

Join us for this Supporter roundtable to learn how to make inclusion visible and interrupt exclusionary behaviors.