Culture Change

Changing your corporate culture requires strategy. You’ve got to assess where you are, define your strategy and goals, mobilize allies, hold leaders accountable, and track progress. It’s a process that won’t always go as you expect, and setbacks are inevitable. Learn how to create effective and sustainable change with our tools and resources.

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Sexual Harassment

Webinar Recording: Active Bystander, Active Self – Taking Effective Action

Listen to this webinar recording to learn how to offer an effective case-based active bystander workshop at your organization. Read…

Manager Development

Speakers Bureau

Catalyst speakers will engage your audiences in a variety of ways, including keynote speeches, presentations, and panel discussions.

Culture Change

Supporter Roundtable: Tackling Resistance to Diversity and Inclusion Efforts – Toronto

Learn some of the common pitfalls to avoid in the implementation of D&I efforts and discuss strategies for addressing resistance…

Culture Change

Catalyst Solutions and You

Catalyst works hand-in-hand with Supporters to help you achieve a culture of equity and inclusion.

Culture Change

Women In Finance

Hear from Wall Street leaders on making the most of changing times, investing in diverse talent and growing the ranks…

Culture Change

New Rules Summit: Women, Leadership and a Playbook for Change

The New York Times is calling on diverse leaders from across business, politics, and culture to create a boldly inclusive…

Unconscious Bias

IWD 2019: What “Balance for Better” Means to Me

Catalyst CEO Lorraine Hariton reflects on the power of words to change the balance.


Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator

The groundbreaking Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator is the premier diagnostic tool to evaluate and monitor how teams and employees are experiencing…

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Silence Breaker: My Path to Speaking Out as a Woman of Colour

Concluding Black History Month, Catalyst's Alicia Sullivan on how she went from studying by oil lamp to lecturing the C-suite.…


Vital Signs

  Chock full of key questions, step-by-step directions, compelling and customizable visuals, and leading practices, Vital Signs is a unique…

Culture Change

Flip the Script

Learn to flip the script on harmful language, providing alternatives that don't have such a high cost to your co-workers.…

Culture Change

Measuring Progress—Sharing Success Stories

Please join us for a conversation about sustainable and dynamic cultural change in the workplace.

Culture Change


Our consultants will help you turn diversity into a business advantage.


Accelerating Inclusion in Western Canada Every Day

Learn what Catalyst is doing to help organizations accelerate inclusion in Western Canada.

Catalyst Canada Honours Conference 2019

Stay tuned for additional details about the 2019 Catalyst Canada Honours Conference, and take a look at the retrospective from the…


Webinar: How to Apply for Catalyst Canada Honours 2020

Join this webinar to hear about the Catalyst Canada Honours recognition program, eligibility criteria, and how to nominate an outstanding…

Sexual Harassment

Webinar: When Do People Intervene?

Join this webinar to hear about the “bystander effect,”  see the conditions whereby people intervene and learn what it looks…

Culture Change

Webinar: Eliminating the Double Bind

This webinar will review the three predicaments that put women in a “double bind,” and provide tips and tools to…

Culture Change

Webinar: Unwritten Rules, Unused Talent

This webinar will share actionable tools that employees, managers, and HR professionals can use to learn, leverage, and communicate their…

Culture Change

Webinar: Staying on Top of Workplace Trends

This webinar will highlight the trends Catalyst sees in the future of work, and share tips for how your company…